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Anthem for the entire universe

  According to the Janam Sakhis, Guru Nanak Dev Ji accompanied by Bhai Mardana Ji, stopped near the temple of Jagannath, which is dedicated to Hindu god Vishnu. Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Bhai Mardana Ji stopped near the shrine upon

Recognise all of mankind as a single caste of humanity

Guru Nanak Dev Ji says in Japji Sahib: “Accept all humans as your equals, and let them be your only sect” (Japji 28), and Guru Gobind Singh tell the world: “manas ki jat sabhe eke paihcanbo – recognise all of mankind

Meaning of Aad Sach Jugaad Sach

Akaal translates as ‘not subject to time or death’ and Moorat translates as form, shape, image. God is beyond time: An Eternal, Indestructible Entity. – aad sach jugaad sach (its the truth) have a read of this interesting article –

so satgur pyara mere naal hai

so satgur pyara mere naal hai by bhai lakhwinder singh huzoori ragi sri darbaar sahib in very sweeet n melodoius voice !!!

How to rise early during Amrit Vela

Source: Gurudwara Shri Guru Dashmesh Sahib, Leicester 4th Hukam by Guru Gobind Singh Ji Amrit velae utthnaa| Arise during Amritvela Amritvela or early morning meditation is a vital part of a Sikhs daily worship schedule. According to the Sikh code of

Why are more and more people depressed?

Amritvela reflection: Why are more and more people depressed? Depression is not an illness, its a condition of life. Guru Nanak writes ‘Dukh daru sukh rog paiaya, ja sukh tam na hoi – Sadness is the remedy happiness is the disease,

Expand Your Intuition with Jai-Jagdeesh

Jai-Jagdeesh guides us through the Spirit Voyage 40 Day Global Sadhana: Expand Your Intuition. Here, Jai-Jagdeesh leads a 22 minute Indra Nittri Meditation using the mantra Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad, Sat Gur Prasad Ek Ong Kar from her album

Do You Get Sleepy in Gurdwara?

The lack of nutrition in your body can cause all sorts of issues from weakness, fatigue, bloating, heartburn, Ulcers, Lack of sleep, Skin Problems and so much more and in allot of cases all that needs to be done is a

Spiritual and Religious Significance of the Turban

In this age of reason and rationality it becomes essential to know ‘why’ and ‘how’ turban helps in our spiritual evolution. Turbans go way back in history as part of a spiritual practice. In case of infants these bones are still