Guru Nanaks’s first revelation to mankind

gurunanakjiGuru Nanaks’s first revelation to mankind after his enlightenment was the Mul Mantra

Ik Oankar – One Verse or Sound. Universe. One Universal Creator or Being. One Seed or moment, that is unfolding. Ever: creating, preserving, and changing. All dualities One, male/female, light/dark, good/bad, form/formless, yin/yang. There is unity in diversity, and singularity in infinity.

Satinamu – Whose name is the Truth or existence. Truth, true identity, bowing to the truth. The truth is this moment, is the only truth for us. The greatest challenge is to overcome both life and death and unite the two polarites. As we realise our true identity, we become Timeless, and always see existential truth.

Karta Purukh – The Creative Being or Creative Intelligence, consciousness, being: as creation is infinite, so is our inner being, so we must create.

Nirbhau – Without fear – love, compassion. Have compassion on all beings.

Nirvair – Without hatred, no enemies, no chosen people, same for all, forgiveness. Forgive and let go of the past, and embrace the moment.

Akal Murat – Timeless, Deathless, Eternal form or shape. Embracing the moment, allows us to live in the spontaneous universe, in the mystery that life is, as an interconnected part of the whole.

Ajoni – Unborn, does not take birth. We then cease to be born or die due to Karmas, and have the ability to transcend.

Saibhang – Self existent, self sustained, self illuminated. We have independence from imposed and self-imposed boxes.

Gur prasadi – Realised through Grace of the Guru, teacher, inner voice, intuition, conscious-

Prasadi – grace, light, understanding, awareness. The right understanding and awareness, allows us to guide ourselves and others. The student and teacher are One.

Guru Nanak added a couplet, the Salok, to make it Mul Mantra: Japu: Adi Sach Jugad Sach Hai Bhi Sach Nanak Hosi Bhi Sach – Repeating/Meditating. True before any beginning, true in all times, true now, Says Nanak forever true.

The mantra given to Guru Nanak by the Timeless Being. Guru Nanak while in deep meditation in a river, disappeared for three days. On his return he declared there are no organised religions. Mans fate/destiny depends on his actions alone, not what (s)he professes to believe. While in complete union with the Divine, the Divine Being communicated the Maha Mantra to the Guru. In the Sikh tradition this Mantra gives a person Enlightenment, or God consciousness, Braham Gian, as the seed mantra, Ik Oankar Satnam is the source of all experience/awareness/ wisdom and knowledge.From the seed, Bij mantra, we get the five spiritual sounds, that manifest the four elements:Earth, Fire, Air, water, and Ether. This is in the sound Ik Oankar Satinamu. Ik Oankar is monosyllable, and Sa ti na mu is four. Hence Panch Shabad, five sacred sounds. Ik Oankar gives birth to the four elements, as the Divine is the seed. This gives rise to creation Karta Purukh. As the one is contained in all, this Being has no fear, or hatred. This unity of form and formlessness is always One and unchanging, therefore the Divine is the Eternal form. The Divine cannot have any duality or fear as it is the whole. The One being makes material existence function through its vibrations -naam – therefore the Universal Spirit is Self-illuminated. With intuitive awareness which is a gift from the One, the understanding gained is the grace, that allows a person to connect and align themselves with the Cosmic Being. Every person, being, animate or inanimate object is a reflection of this One Being or interconnectedness. The natural state of all things is intuitive awareness.

Practice this mantra while walking, sitting, laying down, working, and your well being will increase rapidly. For deep practice, best times for meditation are between 3 am-6am, then 6pm-9pm, after washing.

Content Contributed by Kamalroop Singh

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