Do You Get Sleepy in Gurdwara?

The lack of nutrition in your body can cause all sorts of issues from weakness, fatigue, bloating, heartburn, Ulcers, Lack of sleep, Skin Problems and so much more and in allot of cases all that needs to be done is a change in food types/diet (obviously seek medical advice on more pressing issues).

There is such a lack of education in our culture in relation to the types of foods we eat and the affects it has on our mind and body and our connection to the divine. Society is so quick food driven that for allot of people it has sneaked up on them and they are not even aware it is happening. The food you eat has a massive affect on your mind and body. This is not just the case in a Gurdwara/meditation but in our everyday lives. Without the right foods and nutrition how can you expect your body to function properly? With so much processed foods our diets are dismal and this does not allow for optimal meditative states.

In relation to this video below sometimes we don’t feel the full benefits of the Gurdwara experience: the kirtan, hukam etc. The purpose of going to Gurdwara is ultimately to meditate. Diet and Nutrition play an integral role in our spiritual experience. Amar Atma Singh talks about the habit of many people to eat the fried sugary snacks, and drink the chah available at Gurdwaras before going to listen to kirtan. Your body will be busy digesting and this will make you tired and unfocused. This may impair your ability to meditate deeply. Perhaps instead you could snack on fruits and drink water.

Outside of the Gurdwara if you have any of the issues mentioned at the beginning of this post,  get in touch with with someone who can guide you on this, for example take IBS:

“Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a ‘catchall’ term that is used to describe a bunch of symptoms that can’t really be explained by the medical system.

But in nearly all the cases of so-called IBS that I have helped clients with over the years, I’ve never seen one that hasn’t responded favorably to changes in diet, removal of bacteria such as H pylori, parasites and yeast/fungal overgrowth, detoxification and the replenishment of good bacteria, vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes.

In other words, IBS usually is the result of something being in your body that shouldn’t be, which makes the bowel ‘irritable’.”   – Dave Homeps – IBS

Therefor make the effort to look after yourself especially with what you eat as this could be affecting your state and focus in life. You’ve heard the old concept of Mind Body and Soul so what are you doing to keep these 3 things in balance? as keeping them in balance can excel your connection to divinity and make for a much happier healthier and connected life.


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