Deep Meditation Relaxing Maha Mool Mantar

~~~~ IK Oankar Satnaam Kartapurkh Nirbhauo Nirvair Akaal Murat Ajoni Sahibhang Gurparsad ~~~

Ik Oankar – One universal Eternal unchanged Awareness Being-Light-Knowledge- God- all in one, one in all- expressing itself in its movement – creating, preserving and changing creation spontaneously.

Satnaam- which is Eternal Absolute Eternal existence truth,

Kartapurkh- creative Consciousness,

Nirbhauo- Fearless as resides in all (Fearless)

Nirvair- No enmity towards anyone as resides in all (Without Enemy)

Akaal Morat- Timeless being

Ajooni – Unborn

Saibhang- Self-illuminating/Knowledge

Gurparsad- Awareness Consciousness Bliss/Gurparsad- realized by grace of Guru (Enlightened Realized Being).

Sit back and relax- take deep breaths in and out, enjoy listening to Mool(Root) Mantra from Sikh Spiritual Gnosis, meditate on it with perception of oneness to connect with our One universal awareness light (Ik Oankar) within.



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