Beautifull example of Indo Sikh Arts

Beautiful example of Indo Sikh Arts combined within a Old Saroop of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.


A Fantastic Oankar Drawing , with its deep meanings can be witnessed to. Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Sustainer and Shive the Destroyer , r been Drawn within the Oankar , which r representing the Sargun Saroop (Manifestated, Visible Form) of the Creation, where as Ardhanishvara (visible/unvisible/ above Brahma in the middle) and Shiv Shakti (underneath Brahma) represent the invisble Form of Creation (Nirgun , Saroop)
Flanked by the Monkey Lord Hanuman, which is the Powerfull Form of Devotion and at right Hand, Ganesha, (Half Elephant, half Human) who guides the Entrance to Spiritual Enlightness.

10271629_10203165435389066_2799927530636404021_nIn Gurmat (Teaching iof the Gurus) all those Forms, have to be Conquered and to be passed trough with following practice;

Focussing on Wahiguru (God/Dhyan).
God Conscious Music (Kirtan)
Selfless Service (Seva)
Fearlesness (Nirbhao)
Devotion (Bhagti)
Love (Prem)
Compassion (Daya)
Honest Living (Santokh)
Repeating of Mantras (Jap)
Spiritual Practice (Tap)
self Discipline (Sanjam)
Spiritual Bath (Tirath)
Daily Practice (Nit Nem)
Sravan (Listening)
Katha (explaining of Godly Teachings)
Sadhna (Routine of spiritual Practice)

Fools look at the Devis and Devas (Goddesses and Gods) and think, they did not find Wahiguru (God) , some even think we should disrespect them, and some started Worshipping them. Both types have gonne astray.

The Gods (Devas) offered Sweets (Sins) to the Truth seekers.

Some took the sweets (Sins) and have been Reborn again.
Some rejected the sweets (Sins) , but startet fighting with those Devas , to prove their r wrong, and have been Reborn again .

Only a Few, rejected those Sweets (Sins), and offered insted the Sweet Nectar (Amrit) to the Devas . Those Few, r like the Raindrops feeding the Flowers with Water, makeing them Blossom with Beautifull Flowers.

When the Bird Flys at the Sky, he does not do so, because he creates such amount of Power. Instead he flyes by useing the Wind useing hes Wings to change at any Direction.
The Wind is the Shabad (Celestial Sound) and the Daily Practice (Sadhna) is ones Wings.

At the Path of Love (Prem Sumarag) , the Gurmukhs (P. close to God/Guru) will be granted with Honour and Peace. Whenever a Human steps on this Path , all the Devis and Devas will Gather, and Greet such a Gurmukh with a Rain of Flowers and Garlands.


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