Bachiter Natak

Translation of Quote from Bachiter Natak:

‘ I establish thee as my son, that you spread My Path. Go and instruct men in Righteousness and the Moral Law, and make people desist from evil.’ I stood up, with joined palms, and bowing my head to Lord God, I said: “Thy Path I shall spread only if Thou be my support”.

For this was I born into the world, I utter only how and what God uttered to me, for I am the enemy of no one. He who calls me God will surely burn in the fire of hell. For I am only the servant of God: doubt not the veracity of this statement. I am but the slave of the Supreme Being come to witness His Play. I tell the world only what my God said to me, for I will not be silenced through fear of the mere mortals.

I utter as is the Instruction of my God, for I consider no one greater than Him. I am pleased not with any religious garb, so I shall sow the seeds of the Unaccountable One. Nay, I worship not stones, nor am I attracted by denominational coats. I utter only the name of the Infinite and so attain unto the Supreme Being. I wear not matted hair, nor ear-rings, nor have regard for any such ritual, and do only what God bids me do. I repeat only the Name of One God who fulfils us, at all places. No, I utter not another’s name, nor establish another God. I dwell upon the Name of the Infinite One and so realise the essence of the Supreme Light. I give thought to none else, nor utter another’s name. O God, with Thy one Name I am imbued. I have no other pride. Yea, I utter only Thy Name and eradicate my endless sins.

It is important to note that Guru Gobind Singh referred to God by different names, depending on the topic of the Shabad. Sikhs believe that God has infinite names, given to him by people of different faiths, languages and cultures. He worshipped only in ONE GOD and not any goddesses, gods or demigods. In fact in the Sikh morning prayer of Japji Sahib our Gurus tell us of innumerable gods, goddesses, saints, scholars, planets, continents, oceans, suns and moons but there is ONLY one God. Guru Ji strongly urged his followers to worship only one God and none other.

Source: Sikhi Wikki

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